Rescue Journal

bakers alert!

Carol  ·  Nov. 15, 2014

with the thought of big vet bills ahead brings to the forefront our Scotiabank Bake Sale…..we really need to take advantage of Scotiabank matching funds….so having lots of baking to sell and $$ donations $$(think double up) is key. Can anyone who is baking please email me so I can get a read on numbers.( The animals need this to be a successful fundraiser!!!



sorry..i was brain dead last bath and then out like a light.


Okay, I will set aside a dozen??? for Carol. Also I tried calling you twice tonight so I was trying to return your call. Your voice mail is full. Bet you knew that though.


I have already taken an order for 1 doz. vegetable samosas. I will make 3 dozen more for the bake sale and package them to be sold in 1/2 dozen sets. Carol and Nicole, if you want me to set aside some for you, please put a request in either here or email me. People who live in the Surrey area can also drop off at our house and Sheila can drop the off at the bake sale.

laura b

If you want to bake but can't get it out to Mission let us know cause we do have people in town where you can drop off and they will make sure we get it.
Also if you are planning on a Christmas donation $ do it a bit early and magically watch your gift double!!!