Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Nov. 17, 2014

mind boggling day at work..doesn't sound like it was much better here. the well pump is on the fritz so no water until tomorrow when the new part comes in. that pretty much sucks for everyone, but selfishly especially me who really needed to debrief in a steaming hot bath tonight and that would have also felt so good on my poor aging and aching knees.

Oh. Freaking. Well.

maybe tomorrow night i will get hot water lucky and fulfill my deep soaking needs.

tonight i will just have to try to stay off my feet..then my knees don't hurt as much.

and this would be why i shake my head at folks who refuse to give their old and arthritic pets pain meds. i forgot to take my ibuprofen and tylenol arthritis meds today because i was so damn in a hurry and busy. i really was regretting it by 11 am and had to wait until i got home again tonight to get some relief.
and that was just for one single day.

i feel so bad for all of those poor old, arthritic dogs who have to suffer thru constant joint aches day after day. one guy recently told me he gave his old, crippled with arthritis dog the occasional "doggy aspirin." well gee that was big of him. what about all of those other painful days?
i am all for not projecting our feelings onto animals..but we need to give our heads a shake..if arthritis hurts hurts them too. not sure if your aging pet is arthritic?..take them to the vet and find out for sure.

gilligan should really shut barky for no reason is going to make me have to get up to yell at him to stop his barking.

ok..i did it and he shut up...for now.

i forgot to mention that squeaky-joy sadly did not make it, she peacefully passed away with johanna at her vets. so it is just michael and lizzy staying with us for now. our deepest condolences to johanna for loving our squeakers so well. michael and lizzy i think like the laundry area better than the medical room. they still get their privacy but it is more interesting and less lonely over here plus i share my toast with them.

that damn dog is barking again..i guess i better go shut him in the house so i will end this blog now then i won't have to walk back here again.

cheer up bed buddies, here i come.


laura b

Johanna, sorry to hear of the loss of your sweet little Squeaky-Joy. Thanks so much for giving her such a loving are an awesome mom!!


I am so sorry Johanna. Thank you for being such a great home for her.


Thanks so much, Carol for your kind words about Squeaky-Joy. Her passing was very peaceful but I miss her terribly.
She was an incredibly loving and happy little dog considering her early neglect. However I have to keep telling myself that it was her time. I just wish that I could had her longer. After her serious illness last June, we did have one last wonderful summer together and that is all that I wanted for her as we knew as her great vet, Dr; Spooner put it "she was in borrowed time."

Thank you so much, Carol for looking after Michael and Lizzy. I could tell they liked the laundry room very much when I put them there and did you say "toast?" Both (especially Lizzy) are very upset about Squeaky-Joy's passing)

Take good care of yourself, Carol and I hope the water gets fixed to-day.

Thank you for bringing Squeaky-Joy into my life.


Hi Carol... just a little trick that works for my arthritic Addie... sweet potato. Yep, it has anti-inflammatory properties and works like a charm. She just turned 7 last month and has had this in her elbow for almost two years so she is a relatively young dog to be as arthritic as she is (left front elbow and right hip). It's bad enough that she limps badly if she doesn't get anything to relieve her pain. So I bake a whole bunch of sweet potatoes at once, send them through a potato ricer, portion them out and add about 1/3 cup to her food 2x a day. She was on Deramax ( a US variety NSAID) for about 3 months and because of her age I was trying to figure out how I was going to pay for either laser treatment or acupuncture because she is too young to be on those drugs forever. I read an article on foods that are anti-inflammatories and sweet potato and ginger topped the list so I started giving it to her and presto... no more pills.. I should have figured it out sooner... when my beloved Harley was nearing the end of his road (he had lifelong IBD) I decided screw it... if he was at the end of his road I was going to make him as happy as I could so I threw out all his zillions of meds and fed him poached fish and sweet potato. Within 2 days he was zooming around like a puppy (hint: it was the sweet potato) and he had a couple of really good months before he hit the wall with a GI bleed. I know you have a lot more creaky dogs than I do so maybe just slicing them and giving them to the dogs for a raw snack would be more feasible. Either way, it's a miracle worker.


i wonder how many dogs all over the place share toast? my dogs have
always too, Molly wasn't with the program initially, but now she thinks
she loves toast too.