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saints updates

Nicole  ·  Nov. 22, 2014

Carol's computer is broken (or somehow out of use), so she isn't able to post or receive emails so please be patient if you are waiting to hear from her. I believe it is getting repaired so stay tuned!

Quick updates from Carol via a very crackly phone conversation:
Moose was in at the vet last week, it went well, but he needs to put on weight before he gets neutered and he mass removed. (I met him last week and he is so lovely and so big!)

Carol has just picked up Agnes from the vets this morning. She did really well with her spay and got her little lump on her foot taken off.

Nacho the adorable FIV guy's mouth is acting up so he have a vet check
Bijou went in for a check up as well.

Rio had a vet check with Agwest as did Gil and Ellie for their ongoing foot issues.

And the very lucky and very silly Mika got to go out to the cottage with Carol for the day and she absolutely loved it out there. (One day I will convince Carol to use the camera on her phone and you would be able to see some of what I'm describing but for now you will have to use your imagination!)

Lots of vet checks mean lots of vet bills so please remember to bake for the upcoming bakesale next friday or if you're not a baker, be a baked good eater!!!
I for one am quite excited to eat lots of sugary goods and be able to say it's for a good cause!

that is all for now!


I tried to take a selfie with moose - it didn't work very well, his head is too big:

Moose's head



Thanks Ann C - I have put a cheque in the mail this morning - hopefully it will arrive in time to be matched.

Cheers and happy bake sale selling and eating! (I love a good bake sale - sure wish I lived closer)


That's a great idea. I will be sending a cheque along with my baking also, in order for scotiabank to match!


Hi Elisabeth - If you make your cheque payable to SAINTS and mark on it that it is a donation for the bake sale I will make sure it gets to Laura. Thank you


I want to know if/how I can get a direct cheque donation doubled/matched? Do I make it out to the Saints bakesale? or is the matching only for donations on the day of the bakesale? For those of us too far away to attend, a matching/doubling would be great.


I'll be at Eastridge Vet on Wednesday first thing in the morning, and again later on Thursday this week, Sherie, and could pick up any baking you want to leave there.


If the computer needs looking at (if it is not a warranty problem) then I could take the tower on Sunday & hopefully have it working for Monday


Will anyone be at EastRidge Animal Hospital this week? I could drop some baking off there for the sale.