Rescue Journal

good luck to laura and crew with the bake sale tomorrow!

Carol  ·  Nov. 27, 2014

i hope you guys have a very great day...sadly i am working a 12 hour shift so i don't think i will get to drool over all of the very amazing baked goods for sale.
luckily tinsel laid in the box of baked goods i was holding for laura and some of those cookies was too bad but i felt morally obligated to purchase them myself since they were damaged in my care. least i got some holiday baking too!

erin and i did a home check for tia...she will be a slow graduated trial and we will see how she does.

lynne has decided to take murphy home for her newest saints foster. yay for murph..i think he will be so very happy to finally have a real home of his own.

tinsel our little diabetic cat will be meeting her potential adopter on saturday. and shelagh has chosen theya to join herself and molly as part of her family.

there are a couple of more possibilities floating out there that we are figuring out..more info to come as things fall into place.

wilbur is better today and cooperating pretty well with his foot soaks.katie is coming up for part two of her dreaded but so necessary dentals...that will be happening sometime next week.

gracie is still not eating, even with the new pain meds on board...if she is not feeling better by tomorrow, it will be time to help her to go.

and i think that is all of the current updates for now.


laura b

thanks for bringing murphy to the bake sale to give us his stamp of approval.....however the little or should I say big present he left outside the bank door was sooooo a Saints dog :-)

lynne arnason

murphy is doing great its like he was always here. sad to lose nikki but she would be happy i brought murphy home. he is a great laid back dog and fits in so well with princess and max. so glad i took him home.


Kudos to everyone who baked - everything looked SO good, and was very festively packaged Obviously a lot of caring went into all the goodies. I bought a bunch of stuff!


And Leila's samosa are excellent as always. Just wolfed down a couple.

Carly Fournier

I bought the bag of carmalized popcorn at the bake sale :)


ok then, we can watch her over the next couple of days..apparently she had not eaten in the morning but maybe she needed a few more hours for the meds to mAke a difference.


I sure hope Gracie pulls through. She is quickly becoming one of my regulars for brushing & I would like to see more of her!


Wow, nice to hear all this good news! I'm watching the Paws for a Cause special for Rescue dogs on TV right now, and then to read this post - with Murph going with Lynne, and Thea going with Shelagh, and possibly Tia and Tinsel getting a forever home - wonderful!


From what I understood from Dionne this afternoon, Grace did eat, not all of it but enough to get her medicam in. She looked ok to me when I saw her a bit later, Dionne and I thought likely the meds were helping. Here's hoping.


Wow some really great news..I will miss seeing Theya...she is such a happy little girl. Best of luck for Tia.....and Whoo hoo for lynne and Murph !!


Wow what an amazing group of lucky animals to find homes.
Lynne, I'm so happy Murphy is going home with you!!!


I left your samosas in the fridge in the MP room. They have your name on them.