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Wow! Talk about a successful bakesale!

Nicole  ·  Nov. 29, 2014

Here is a message from Laura - bake sale organizer!

The bake sale happened to fall on my birthday and I received the BEST gift ever......the most amazing out pouring of support for SAINTS!

First I would like to acknowledge my employer Scotiabank for their continued commitment to the community and specifically to the charities their employees volunteer with. Also to my fellow employees who care deeply about animals and step up on a busy day to make this happen.

Secondly to all of our amazing bakers consisting of....Saint volunteers, Saint facebook friends, Saint friends & family members, Scotiabank employees & Scotiabank customers. Everything looked amazing and tasted great( this was back room quality control....which was all Ann's doing :-) Thanks for all your help Ann) Everyone rocked!!

Next is the unbelievable buyers & donators......WOW it was overwhelming. Saints is a very well respected organization in the community and the support showed that.

Last but certainly not least....the SAINTS animals.... all very special, you continue to teach and bless us.....this is for you!!!

Scotiabank/Saints Bake Sale raised an OMG amount of...........$11,700.00 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




Wow -- congratulations to you all -- that's just an amazing amount of money raised to help the animals!


Whoo Hoo... Fantastic, I love the pics of the decorated goodies. Happy belated B day Laura, great Job by all !!!


Congratulations Laura on a job very well done!! Oh don't worry Carol I'll be all over that! LOL


wonderful news...huge thx to all involved...great job laura and crew!!!
and happy belated birthday laura!
anne..once it is in the bank, let me know and lets get the vets paid down a whole whack more.

lynne arnason

wow happy belated birthday laura and that is truly amazing thankyou everyone


Congratulations! That's wonderful and ditto the thanks to all those bakers and "the consumers" !!