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Vote for SAINTS daily in the Aviva Community Fund Contest

Sheila  ·  Dec. 1, 2014

It's Max again, asking you to vote daily for SAINTS in the Aviva Community Fund. Our project is requesting funds for the quality veterinary care for our homeless seniors need. Most of the senior dogs and cats we get in either need to be spayed/neutered or have an extensive dental due to neglect or sometimes both. Please help us care of our special SAINTS crew, vote daily!! And spread the word!!

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well we lost our pride and joy Quincy shiatsu be chant .he died from a long fight of liver desize .we miss him.what can we do to help we have things we don't nee d meds let us know what you need .we love animals.we have horses,other dogs ,cats birds ,fish ,snakes ,chickens,we live live in mission ,were are you located daniel

Janet Nicholson

I just discovered the same - two S.A.I.N.T.S. - but Ziggy is on page 2 - and he got my vote today!


As Sheryl commented on the last blog, be careful when voting in the Aviva contest. There are two SAINTS - one is in Sudbury, Ontario. I almost voted for them, until I realized they have a photo of a horse that isn't a Mission SAINT!!