Rescue Journal

just a quickie...gotta leave for work.

Carol  ·  Dec. 2, 2014

i cannot wait for agnes to finally get all of her sutures and staples out, we have had to cut out her daily baths and cut way back on her steriods while she is healing from her surgeries and that poor dog is so itchy despite all of the benadryl we are giving. she really needs those steroids and daily baths!

codi, cricket, myrna, ben, and mable are all settling in really well.

it is still way too cold...glad it will be warming up near the end of the week.

a very generous anonymous donor has just called to let us know she will be donating $20,000.00 to saints! wow! huge heartfelt thank you!!! and finally between that and the bake sale, we will be able to clear all outstanding vets bills from 2014!!!!

sometimes in the sadness and heartbreak in rescue, we forget how much true goodness and kindness in big and small packages that we all chip in together to make this world a better place for homeless animals.
sometimes, god smiles on them and they are blessed.

have a great and happy day today folks....the world and the people around us, float with hope yet.

And just a reminder, please vote daily for SAINTS in the Aviva Community Fund -



Bless them !!! Goodness is out there and I believe their generosity will comeback to them.