Rescue Journal

three more lost little souls heading our way tomorrow.

Carol  ·  Dec. 2, 2014

and therefore to all of our shelter friends and sorry but we are again full for awhile. hopefully a few more will find homes over the next little bit and we will have a few empty spaces again for those in need.

incoming tomorrow are a little chi with bad teeth and some skin issues..he is 13 yrs old and came into the spca as part of a neglect investigation.

also coming in is an 18 yr old shitz with cataracts..he is also from a neglect investigation.

and finally a 14 yr old FIV cat who was abandoned along with 2 other cats by their owner at a vet clinic. the spca has all three..the two younger and healthy cats are adoptable but the old guy has some possible serious health issues besides his FIV. the sad reality is...not too many people are looking to adopt a sick old cat.

anyway..i feel badly closing the doors, esp. so far yet away from xmas..the closer xmas gets, the more animals that are going to be homeless...another sad but true rescue fact.
we have taken in quite a few over the past couple of weeks....i think we will be up to 9 new guys recently...that's a lot for us to fit in and settle in a short period of time.

arghhh...we cannot help them all. but we will try to help as many as we can...god and space willing.

rescue so sucks, some days it makes me so sad.....esp. close to christmas.

all of them should have very good homes and it sucks that so many of them don't or can't.



Speaking of new arivals, I was going to ask the name of the new orange cat I saw in the cage at the house last weekend?


Remember...hope floats...I think some of those babes will get Christmas homes. <3