Rescue Journal

well i was kind of excited to finally get my repaired computer back....

Carol  ·  Dec. 3, 2014

until i hooked it up and realized all of my bookmarks are gone and i have no idea how to sign in to write a freaking am back on the laptop again.

new dogs is the little chi and his name absolutely has to go because of our other mini-me and our broken hearts over her. so i guess for now i will call him mighty-me....and i heard via the grapevine that when johanna met him today, she is considering giving him a fabulous home. hope floats.

also in is kobi..he is the 18 yr old shitz with the really bad cataracts. and the 14 yr old fiv cat whose name escapes me..i will have to go look at his paperwork again..anyway..he seems like a really sweet cat.

i saw pac at the vets today..apparently he has been battling bit of a bowel infection. i got two tiny little licks in hello which is pretty much the most he will give to his good friends.

i also saw claire...penny had her in for a re-check as it looks like she has a small hernia at her incisional line.
also in the vets today was tinsel...she was in for a glucose curve on us. she was due for one and i wanted her up to date before her adoption was complete.

marvin was also in at the vets..i took him in with me this morning and dropped him on my way to work. we thought maybe his mouth was acting up but it wasn't, he has an ear infection. he is home again with meds so he should feel better soon.

kevin tells me that dolly and alice are picking on annie. they damn well better stop or i will split that sheep flock in 2. for now, we are going to divide off the stall so at night alice, dolly, zorro and elvira will have one half of the barn and annie, zoe and zsu zsu will have the other. if that doesn't totally fix the problem, i will divide them up during the daytime too.

ellie apparently had a fall today..her back legs gave out and this is the second time in a couple of weeks so everyone please watch her carefully and let me know if you see or notice anything.

crosby looks so much better since she came in for the winter plus we started her on daily pain meds.
billy is looking like he is getting close to the end with his legs (these commercial meat not live very long before either their legs or their hearts give out.) so just in case, kevin is going to start him on pain meds too and we will see how he does,

rio did end up testing positive to cushings disease so he has been started on the cushings meds.

katy had her second dental yesterday..the vet decided not to remove any more teeth for now. tina from the barn called me and said that she is off her feed may be from the sedation and examination but we will she how she does over the next few days.

gracie is doing well with her new pain meds and is eating well. sydney is still off her food a bit..she is eating some but not as much as she was so i am worried about this.

both cricket and coda-bear are settling in well. with kobi's arrival i better quit calling coda-bear codi as it will get too confusing i guess.

theya went home with shelagh happy for theya, she is such a sweet little ancient girl.

ben, myrna and the new cat (i haven't gone to look up his name yet...) are all going in for their viral testing tomorrow.

aggie gets her sutures and staples out on saturday...moose goes in for his vet recheck next wednesday and teek has her consult appointment with the boundry bay surgeon next thursday.

and THAT i think is all of the news.

ok..i got up and looked and the new old FIV cat's name is ginger which is probably why i blocked it out..what a totally boring and unimaginative name for such a handsome orange boy.



Glad to hear Marvin will be okay. I was a little worried about him after I talked to Dionne on Tuesday.

shelagh f

I think Kobi the new old guy, looks like an Edward. Theya said to
tell everyone, she is having fun. If there was a begging olympics,
she might be able to win first place. Possibly how she got her
full figure. We have been for 3 walks today, not too long, but just
long enough to enjoy it. Molly is being a possessive of her beds
so we will get a brand new one for Theya, just for her.

Carly Fournier

You could change "ginger" name to George.We used to have an orange cat named George.