Rescue Journal

Erin's photos of the new guys

Nicole  ·  Dec. 5, 2014

From our FB account
Last of the intros for awhile, no more room at the inn. Ginger is a 14 year old probable FIV positive cat who was abandoned at a vet clinic. He is missing a lot of his fur from a long term flea infestation. He likely has some other health issues as well, our vets will get him sorted out and on the road to recovery. Mini-me (who will be getting a name change) is a sweet little Chihuahua who was suffering from untreated fleas and worms until cruelty officers seized him. Coby was also a cruelty seizure, he has a very sad past, full of neglect and unfairness. Hopefully for these three sad souls we can make the rest of their lives, be the best of their lives. You can help by sponsoring, (give us a day or two to update the list)
donating, volunteering, and just spreading the word about what we do. Thank you!



haha erin, i thought that Codi was the short version of coda-bear!

Carol a.

Such sweet babies. I wish I was closer so I could foster or even adopt one of them I do love these old souls. I am glad that they are safe with you now.


Codi is actually Coda-Bear. I didn't know that when I posted her on FB :)