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secret santa

Carol  ·  Dec. 6, 2014

so tammy and I had dinner together last evening and she reminded me of our upcoming saints staff and volunteer xmas party tomorrow. she was surprized that we have 40 folks coming..didn't know we had 40 volunteers (we actually have more..not everyone can come.) anyway..she also reminded me that I have to pick up a secret santa gift to go under the has to be less than $5. so while I was out shopping for 1000 pounds of barn feed, I looked around the store hoping to find something decent and useful to put under the party tree.
could not find a gawd darn $5 thing.
so I phoned mo to complain and she said either go to the dollar store or I had her permission to spend a lot more and give it to her personally.
I opted for the dollar store which was a freaking hassle because it was so busy. I wanted to get something at least decently useful so I looked around carefully. I found a nice pair of work gloves (all of us here ((except for lynne)) could use those I think.) and I rounded off the gift with an xmas gift box and a couple of packs of werthers candies because who doesn't like sucking on werther toffees? I waited patiently in the long line even tho I still had more important things to be to the cashier and gawd dammit to hell..the total was only $3.50. so I grabbed a couple of chocolate packages and tossed that in and now the total was $5.60. grhhh..I think I will just eat two of the chocolates and bring it down to the $5 limit!

when I got home I shared the frustrating story and lynne said..let me see the gift box so I don't choose that gift because I don't want no work gloves.

alrighty then and I guess my secret santa gift is no longer a secret either.

my other less than happy thing today is....

I have spent every day of the last 15+ years with a diabetic (or 5) kicking around here. with tinsel's adoption last weekend..i was finally for the first time in years, free of diabetic care. the vet called today to let me know that Myrna'e admission blood work is confirmed.....she is a diabetic cat.

fer fluckings diabetes free week, that is all that I get????

plus she tried to bite me when I gave her the first insulin dose....oh freaking yay.



hah...there are more folks than me who break the secret santa rules..i just happen to blog what I am up to! and no party tricks tonight or I will take my ss gift back and put a red bow on phoebe just for you! (ha ha..not am I always right but I almost always win too!!!!)
Brenda and can each have one of the gloves cuz luckily there are 2.


I was going to let this go but In fear and trembling (LOL) may I please remind you that the you were the one who set the $5.00 limit, when I suggested $10.00 you told me it was too much for some people!! So I guess you could say you shot yourself in the foot, oh and remember the other thing I keep telling you - you are always right!! And you are a very lucky girl that Santa doesn't kick you out of the exchange for breaking ALL the rules.........hmmm that might just be where you wanted this to go? No more shopping for $5 gifts......hmmm pretty sneaky. I'm thinking you'd better be extra nice today, cause the elves can be pretty devious too and it's party night tonight???


Your story cracked me up!! Does anyway really keep to the $5.00 secret Santa gift limit!!!! Don't worry Carol, my gift was a little over $5.00 as well, but there were no chocolates in there that I could eat to bring down the value (darn!) Too funny.....


I can always use work gloves Carol - just point the box out to me!