Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Dec. 10, 2014

it has been a busy couple of days...the power was out for many hours yesterday which totally screwed up the staff but being the great folks that they are..they somehow managed to to get thru the day minus electricity and water.

medical stuff...

the barn

raven fell while rushing into his stall sunday night...he banged himself up pretty good but was ok by morning.

apparently there was a big lightning strike just as the storm hit here yesterday and it totally flipped out Dixie. she fell to the ground and wouldn't get up. kevin called the vets out, they checked her over and she was ok.

gilbert is sore on one of his feet yesterday and today. hopefully it is from hoof trimming yesterday and settles out soon.

Wilbur is still having a lot of trouble with this foot post screw removal. the vets have been out twice now and he is on pain meds, antibiotics and Epsom salt foot soaks but it doesn't look to be getting better. if he is not better by tomorrow, they will have to come out again.

the house/mp guys

Crosby is doing so much better since moved back into the rabbit area for the winter.

all of the new cats now have open doors to their transition pens so they can come and go as they please.
myrna seems to be doing well in the initial treatment of her diabetes..she goes in next week to see about having that tumor removed.
moose had his recheck..he has put on 4 pounds and is booked for his neuter and tumor removals.
teek has her surgical consult at boundrey bay tomorrow.
cricket is spending the night at the vets for her spay and hernia repair tomorrow.
coda bear had her vet check today too...several mammary tumors, a rectal tumor to be removed..she had a skin scraping and bloodwork today to try to diagnose the cause of her very sparse hair. she was a bit of a hag but a muzzle kept everyone safe.

I think that kobi is an absolute darling..super sweet cuddle bug, licky-kissy face, playful guy at night in bed, ok with the other guys sharing the bed. but the staff say he has been a toad during the day...guarding food and beds from the other dogs and today, snarling and being a dick with the staff. hmmm...I wonder what is up with him? it might be his vision...he only sees a little bit around the periphery of the cataracts. so maybe in the day light, he can see more things to misinterpret or misunderstand, where as in the dark of night, he probably doesn't see much of anything and has to go more by sound instead. and pretty much the only sound at night is the TV and me baby talking to somebody.
I will have to watch him more closely to see if I can figure out why the difference in his behavior between night and day....might be his vision or something else...dogs are pretty darn weird at times and hard to figure out.



All you people at saints are true Angels. Just wanted you to know


all the poor barn animals, i just had Molly and Theya out for a pee
and there was a huge lightning flash and horrible thunder. I've never
seen two old girls run so fast. It wasn't even raining when we went out.
I don't think it could rain any heavier now.
Think of all the poor animals without any protection. how frightening
for them