Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Dec. 12, 2014

I am just catching up around here..i spent the last 24 hours out at the cabin...washing floors, xmas baking, cleaning up downed tree branches from the recent storms and painting. discovered my roof is leaking badly in multiple places...need a new roof, asap...oh freaking yay.

anyway..for the saints updates:

cricket is home from her spay/hernia repair surgery and she should be ready for adoption once she heals in a week or so.

teek had her surgical is a complicated and delicate surgery and Dr Hutchenson at Boundray Bay was wonderful. he went thru all of the risks with me, made it clear that even if the surgery is a complete success..she may still leak urine for various reasons..or she may not. the current plan is for her to have a CT scan so he cann get a real good map of what is wonky and then we will decide if surgical repair is a good option. so bottom line is we really won't know what we are doing for teek and her deformed urinary system for another few weeks.

moose will have his neuter/mass removal surgeries next week.

Wilbur was better looks like his foot is starting to drain.

gilbert is still sore but looks a bit better.

Sydney is still not eating very much so I do think she is reaching the end of her life soon.

jerry is becoming more confused and more frail..i think his end is also not too far away.

mika has been acting a bit weird lately..we think it is related to her cancer so we are watching her carefully.

I am told that kobi has been nicer the last couple of days so the staff think maybe he was totally pissed off by his full body shave.

Agnes's skin is totally falling apart...I cannot believe how much hair she has lost just in the 24 hours I was away. I will call the clinic tomorrow.

I think that is most of the news.



Hi Carol,
I am so sorry to hear that Sydney is still not feeling better. She is in my thoughts everyday. Keep strong! Give her a gentle hug from me.

anja peterson

Carol, your blog this morning hit such a nerve with me that it prompts me to comment for the first time ever (no lie) on anybodys blog . no truer words were ever spoken about lying!

Thank you for all you do,