Rescue Journal

never put off until tomorrow what you should be doing today.

Carol  ·  Dec. 14, 2014

crappy nights sleep...little buddy was hyper-reactive and barking...benny had to go out twice...and shep pooped his bed.

and this reminds me why it is a bad idea to procrastinate and put things off instead of taking care of them right away.

I knew sheps bed was not covered properly yesterday...I saw it only had a couple of loose things tossed over it instead of a good covering tucked well underneath on a fly by and meant to fix it.
and then I forgot. so I go to bed and shep goes to sleep and his little loose coverings get scrunched up in the middle, leaving his really nice thick and soft bed vulnerable to poop in his sleep. I woke up in the middle of the night when my nose told me pooping was happening. I cleaned it off the best that I could with paper towels...tossed a clean fleece over the top again so shep could go back to sleep on something clean.
but that bed is far too big and thick to wash and today it will have to be thrown away, it was a REALLY good bed until I got stupid and lazy and now it is garbage...such an irresponsible waste and shame on me.

note to not put off things until tomorrow when they will have to be thrown away.

and speaking of being unhappily responsible due to mind blowing stupid thinking.....a good part of the reason that I am so upset over not just because his foot is awful and he is suffering despite everything we are now doing to help him feel better.... it is because yet again I put something off that should have been done calling the vet sooner, not waiting to see. hindsight is so much better than foresight in seeing the real reality.
please god don't let that infection have gotten into the bone....

sigh...feeling really shitty about my part in wilbur's suffering....welcome to rescue where you don't always make the right sucks horribly.



Carol, there are so many things that you do right -every day, -don't beat yourself up for the few and far in between that you so rarely miss. Really...

Ian and Mary Scott

Like Shelagh says, we also have an extractor that can clean a bed like that, let us know....

lynne arnason

my freaking fault about sheps bed i left it the way it was and was going to fix it after the group went through and completely forgot about it so sorry crap i looked at it and thought redo that and forgot sorry shep no excuses


I'm coming out today with a whole bunch of blankets, sweaters, etc from the barking babies fundraiser. It's mostly small dog stuff so no new big dog bed in it for Shep!


don't know what kind of bed he has but, could you put it aside,
maybe I could take it home and scrub it and hose it off and take
some time to clean it. I have a garage that I could work on it
Might be worth a try,