Rescue Journal

i was kinda hoping...

Carol  ·  Dec. 20, 2014

it might stop raining or at least slow down to a drizzle before I had to do barn bedtime. doesn't look like that's gonna happen soooo...
I guess I better get my duck on...
cuz ducks like wet.

I wish I had some beer, (it only would take two)..then I could be a happy drunken duck out in the rain.



he is better panting, resp. are easy and heart rate down to 84 (I think...) he kept walking away from me. but in any case he seems much more comfortable and at ease. I bumped his Lasix up to 80 last night and 60 for this am/pm and he is finally starting to diurese so tomorrow will go back to the 40 and see how he does.
and anne and dianna trimmed up his nails so he can move around easier..they were getting a bit too long.