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happy holidays

Carol  ·  Dec. 24, 2014

in this age of political is often a bit of a challenge to find the right words to celebrate. if you are not a Christian..have a merry Christmas may seen like a politically incorrect wish...
but how can wishing a merry day for anyone be not a good thing to do?

celebrations of any religion, any civic holiday, any birthday or thanksgiving days are just that..celebrations. we celebrate the lives of others, and ourselves too. we celebrate and are thankful for the unique gifts in all of our lives. and in celebrating with our families and communities we connect with others in a positive way too.

it is not the words that is the kind thoughts that count. nit picking at the proper way to say happy anything or writing the script for the rest of the world to frame how they can speak of celebrating happiness, good wishes, kind thoughts, is beyond borders on being like scrooge.....bah humbug...insisting that everyone think, feel, say, believe that community celebrations must be politically correct or they have no community value.

Christmas is no longer just about Christians celebrating the birth of is also now about non Christians celebrating families.

how in anyone's mind can this not be something good for any diverse society?

maybe it has become too commercial, maybe it has become too much about what we want and not being grateful for what we have...but if you take away all of the Christmas wrappings and just view as a day when people come together to share kindness and seems silly to dick around picking the exact politically right words.

I wish a merry Christmas and peace on earth for all living beings... independent of religons, independent of gender, color, race or species...a simple wish for all of us that inhabit and share this planet earth.


another Doreen

I saw a phrase that I liked today that seems politically correct enough for me : "May the spirit of the season fill your heart with joy!"
Best Wishes for all of you and the S.A.I.N.T.S. and as Happy a New Year as possible!


I think it is silly to pretend that Christmas isn't about the life Jesus Christ. His life had a huge historical impact on how the world is shaped today and he had some great and important truths to share. I am not a Christian, we do celebrate Christmas because our religion believes that there is no one way to God but many ways and they all have truth to them. So if some one says to me Merry Christmas, I am not offended. I understand the sentiment. Love what Carol A. wrote so I will say ditto to that. Sorry to read about Gilbert. May he have the miracle he is looking for and needing.


All of the winter celebrations have the Solstice as their source, the time of year when the light turns, the day's become longer, the perfect time to practice one of the best feelings of all -- Hope.

Happy Solstice to all!


A very Merry Christmas to all the Saints both 2 legged and 4 legged! Here's to a safe,healthy and 2015. Hard to top what Carol A. wrote, I think it says it all.

Carol a.

A very merry Christmas to you and all the souls at SAINTS!
May the new year be blessed with good health, a full well, rain when needed and warm sunny days. Warm, dry beds, good meds for achy bones, enough for every one to eat; and gentle hands, strong hands, helping hands, knowing hands and hearts, and vets ever on call to help carry the load.