Rescue Journal

xmas eve sucking at saints

Carol  ·  Dec. 24, 2014

Dixie hit something unknown and slashed open a 6 inch and right thru the first layer of muscle gash along her ribcage today. the vets came out and did 2 layers of sutures to close her up again. she was given an antibiotic injection and will be on pain meds for the holidays.

gilbert could not get up today. he has had years of ongoing foot trouble ever since he came in. the ferrier comes and trims his feet every three weeks, he gets coppertox applied to his feet and pain control injections 3 times a week but this year he has been getting lamer and lamer since winter hit. the vets have been out several times in the past few months but did not have anything else to I asked for an xray because he is so much more sore than usual and the xrays showed the infection has invaded the bones of both toes. if it was only one toe, we could consider amputation but because it is both and he only has two, there is no foot, no goat.
we should have euthanized him today but from a practical point of view we couldn't. carsons is closed for the holidays until Saturday and we could not leave gilberts body here for three full days due to public health issues and it is against the law to bury him on site. so the vets have increased his injectable pain meds, given him a big dose of antibiotics and said if the meds do not work to keep him comfortable, the vet will come right away to euthanize on either xmas or boxing day and we will have to find some way to safely store his body until Saturday. so as it stands, if the meds give him temporary comfort, gilbert has a couple of days left with us..he will need his food and water brought to him...he really enjoyed today all of the granola bars that kevin fed him so I think with some special care, concern, and regular pain meds, we can make these last days for gilbert comfortable. kevin will come xmas morning to give him his meds and make sure he is ok as I am still working and I will be with him for bedtime.

he came in with a broken leg and chronic foot rot 6 or 7 years ago, he almost immediately suffered many seizures over a 24 hour period resulting in blindness for several weeks before his vision returned, next he injured his eye by rubbing on something and had to have it removed a couple of years ago and and last year he dropped a ton of weight for no apparent reason and we were sure we were going to lose him until he suddenly rallied again and put the weight back on. but always, thru out all of his years here... the ongoing problems with 4 chronically deformed hooves.....but what a trooper. gilbert has got to be the very nicest goat in the world. he is patient, he is kind and he always managed to find lots of things that he really enjoyed in life.

we are so going to miss him..he has been a really good friend.

and deep in my heart where my brain has no say I am hoping that those meds are magic and become a miracle for gilbert so he can stay.

love you gilbert, you are the very best goat I have ever met.




I can only imagine the challenges you face in your caring for all the noble and fortunate creatures that come to be with you...I just have to commend you all for what you do. Thank you!

laura b

Gilbert is a great goat....I thought we were gonna lose him years back when he had that day long seizure...we kept soaking him in cold soaked towels for hours and then he went blind....then we quickly built him a blind goat pen to keep him safe and then once we completed it he miraculously regained his sight. ..peace be with you Gilbert.


I still remember Gilbert arriving in the back seat of a Toyota Tercel with a purple cast on one of his front legs.
It really doesn't seem like that long ago.