Rescue Journal

the gift

Carol  ·  Dec. 26, 2014

so lets talk about everlasting love...the folks who are able to open their hearts and their homes to our end of the road saints animals, give them far more than just a good home.

they erase forever these animals long past lives of pain, neglect, and abandonment. they give them for their final days... the gift of everlasting love.

can you imagine a life filled with never enough that becomes in its last few weeks or months, overflowing with love and care. it must feel like after a dreary difficult and sometimes hopeless life that goes on and on without hope for year after must feel like the cold and heartless never ending rain has stopped and the warm shining sun has suddenly appeared.

that is the dream for all of our saints, that for the time that they have left and to follow them into the beyond..they bask safely in the warm and comforting light of everlasting love.

and that is what our animals and the people who love them carry away from here.



They give so much that enriches our lives. I'll always remember Katie Katydiddy. And Millie (little Miss Fuzzybritches) who zooms ahead wherever you go stopping at inconvenient moments to make sure you're coming. And man-eater Cali who is slowly but surely starting to trust. Seeing them come into their own is a real joy.


Carol, I didn't know what Norm would entail when I brought him home. A stray that Surrey Animal Control tried to find a home for...What I did know is that I loved this blind and deaf guy at first sight. He has so many issues and when he crashed with his back problems and his vestibular disease...we hoped he would persevere and he did! Thank you for the best gift ever....he makes us laugh and smile every day, and thank you for letting us give Norm a home