Rescue Journal

little jimmy went home to join johanna's sweet little crew

Carol  ·  Dec. 28, 2014

and I need not ever worry about him again, he just found what I spoke of yesterday..everlasting love.
yay jimmy! yay johanna!!
and today I got to see three of our other everlasting love club members...theya, molly and hank...all of them look happy and great!!
our sweet and gentle giant moose gets to join that special club tomorrow.
we have had some very sad losses but we have had some really happy moments too...the yin and the yang of rescue.


laura b

I love what Kim wrote it is so fitting...."Saints is like a warm hug"...once an animal is a part of Saints they are for life.....we love to see them come back for a visit....Hank, Theya & Molly all looked so good! So happy for Jimmy & Moose getting a new family.....but they will always be apart of our Saint family :-)


I too was really happy to be at SAINTS today - to be able to see Jimmy leaving, cuddled in Johanna's arms; and what a nice surprise to see Hank, Molly and Theya back for a visit, - and to be able to spend some time with Moose before he heads "home" tomorrow.
I've gotta say I got the biggest kick out of watching Oliver out for his walk with Joann today - he was so excited - just trotting along and barking all the way. He's always so quiet whenever I go into the MP room, - nice to see him so happy and full of life. I got to see a different side of the old boy! So many dogs enjoyed a good walk today - really great to have the time and volunteers to do this..... We all got some fresh air and exercise.


So nice to see you today Johanna. I was glad I got to say goodbye to Jimmy, what a very good boy he is! I know he has found his loving forever home!

Yah, for Moose as well...another volunteer favorite finds his home.. thank you for loving these two boys!


Joanna, it was so nice to meet you today too. I am so glad little Jimmy is settling in nicely and has a new family of his own. As Carol said to me, the biggest and the smallest found their their forever homes today. Even though our boys are going to their new homes, I don't think any animal that has been lucky enough to arrive at Saints, can ever "leave" Saints. Saints is more than a place, it's a warm hug, a cup of tea with an old friend, warm clothes fresh out of the dryer. It's so many little lovely things all rolled up into one, those little things that never leave us and make us happy. It's serendipity at it's best. I am sure will see each other again, because you, and I, Jimmy and Moose are all family now because of that wonderful place.


Thank you so much, Carol for your kind words and thank you for letting us adopt Jimmy.

Jimmy is happily settled into his new home and after a warm bath and snack he is fast asleep in front of the fire with Lizzy. Michael has decided that he wants to be alone so after totally ignoring Jimmy he is happily sleeping in his bed in the kitchen.

It was great to see you to-day Carol and to wish you Happy New Year in person. Also it was lovely to touch base with so many of the great staff and great volunteers.

Also it was wonderful to see how well Moose is looking and to meet his new family. Best wishes to Moose and his family for a very happy future together.

All the best,