Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Dec. 29, 2014

I spent a few hours last evening babysitting my grandson and I tell you there is a pure bright light of just honest being shining from the inside out of children and animals.

we humans as we grow up over think everything.

coda-bear is out on a trial with salty's (and reggie's rip) mom. she may be too much for her but coda is the light she was drawn to...trying not to over think this, I will just have to wait and see.

the volunteers are still feeling Wilbur, there was a yummy dinner bowl for him both Saturday and sunday evening...we split the extra with the rest of the pigs..wilburs no longer needed bounty to share.

brad had a slight limp yesterday and since I am totally freaked out over sore feet right now, I find it quite worrisome. kevin picked up a metal detector for us from Canadian tire and I won't relax until one of us has time to sweep this property from stem to stern and ensure there are no more screws hiding anywhere. I found another in the driveway yesterday altho I do prefer they do end up in my tires and not in our animals feet.

such little yet deadly things.

Robbie's back is still sore.

agnes has an antibiotic change.

Dixie's wound is still draining but the stitches are holding ok.

Emily was very upset when gilbert passed and his body was taken away but she is settling back down again.

on Saturday evening I saw a little chickadee hit the dog room windows and fall to the ground. I watched and waited but after an hour he still hadn't recovered so I set up a box with warmed towels. that was all he needed to perk him up to the dangers of a human's interference and he quickly unstunned and was able to fly safely away.

beautiful tiny bird.

diesel's skin is starting to get bad..i think we need to up him to more frequent medicated baths and be more strict with his diet and treats. yesterday he was full of beans and playing ball with me.

Oscar bit me but not hard. he was up on the desk and I was afraid he was going to nail coda's new mom so I tried to nudge him off. he did not like that and said I was rude...which I was but..only out of necessity, not out of being unkind or cruel. anyway...all was forgiven by the time for his walk so that was good.

Ashley noted that ash's tumor is growing back, we will have to keep an eye on it.

and moose goes off to his new home today so I will need to say my good byes in a couple of minutes before I leave for work. he is such a cuddly affectionate big boy..i am going to miss him greatly.

big thx to all of our wonderful and dedicated volunteers who cared for our animals on this holiday weekend and big thx to michelle, chris, Ashley and savannah for the help at bedtime so I could get out of here early and do my grandmother thing!

and that is all of the saints current news...I think.



I saw the metal detector in the shop & you have answered my query I was asking myself (why is there a metal detector here)? Good idea