Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Jan. 4, 2015

I was so totally switched to freezing rain just before barn bed time. the locks were all frozen and it hurt my hands to try to get them open. raven had icicles hanging from his mane and michelle and I were soaked right thru our coats and our heads were dripping wet.

Oscar the grouch had the right of it all..i snapped on his leash, he stuck his head out the door, stepped an inch or two out in the sogging cold slushy wet..lifted his leg to pee and ran right back inside. screw that crap...not getting freezing soaking wet.

and here is the unfairness of life at saints..the grumpy dog gets a choice about what kind of weather he wants to go out in...the human caregivers have to go out no matter what cuz someone is waiting for them.

next life I am going to be Oscar the grouch here..i will sit on the desk and try to bite folks cuz I feel like it and sleep in a big and soft chair. and if I want to go for a walk, someone will have to take me and if the weather sucks and I don't want to go then I won't and they can't make me.

Oscar rthe grouch

I will be the REAL boss around here!



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Oscar is the his grumpy, sometimes poppy pants, butt....


Lol...thats not a " I will" be boss dog...that is a "I am " the boss dog. I really need to get to know him better...other than him chewing on my boot when i would bring pepper and darby in....i havent had the pleasure of spending time with Mr. Grouch...he is cute.


Sorry your evening outing sucked Carol. I think they sell some little doo-hickey thing that you put into a frozen lock and it thaws the lock. I think it's made for car locks and I'm not sure how long it takes to accomplish its task so it might not work for you... but it might be worth a look