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weird dreams

Carol  ·  Jan. 6, 2015

big thx to michelle for helping me wrap up Dixie tonight!!!
it is a two person job.
rio farted loudly and continuously while we were dressing Dixie's wound..that horse has A LOT of gas!
I have no idea what rudy thought he was doing but he was making funny faces at rio..probably because he thought farting rio has no class.

excuse my language but it was a bitch of a day...I was boggled by work, boggled by saints...information overload today. it didn't help that I was awake on and off for much of last night,...A) the inmates were restless and noisy and B) I kept repeatedly slipping in to this horrible dream of a post-apocalypse world where I was trying to prevent a bunch of dick headed goats from being eaten by the survivors but the goats were such jerks that I really didn't care if they got eaten, I was just saving the bastards because it was my job.

yikes..what is my subconscious trying to tell me?

I know I am pretty damn pissed off at the big dog room crew..they are wrecking everything in that room...but I actually do especially love my own dogs mystic, luna and june so they couldn't be the jerky goats cuz I would never not want to save them from being eaten, even if they do sometimes piss me off by wrecking stuff.

I don't know who I was really mad at in that dream..i just know I was really pissed off at a bunch of somebodies and it totally wrecked my sleep.
whatever. I live in the real world not the world of bad dreams.

diesel had a vet visit and I was supposed to meet him at the clinic with renee on my lunch break but my brain was so totally boggled that I forgot. luckily he was a pretty good boy and not the raging beast I was worried about....he only tried to bite the vet once.

I have booked in coda-bear and myrna for their tumor removals...that happens next week.

and I really do not have much more news so I think I will go to bed early and hopefully have a better sleep.


Carol A.

Sweet dreams Carol, hopefully no scary goat dreams!
I think your dream was really a reflection of your frustration. You are trying so hard to make a difference and the goats (animals or possibly people) keep needing to be helped/ educated. It gets pretty over whelming. Be good to yourself, refresh your soul with sweet sleep, and hopefully no more scary goats....
I love goats . They are so funny!