Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Jan. 8, 2015

dixies wound is doing well but it still will be awhile yet in its healing.

phoebe was not well today and taken into the vets. she still is not feeling great and we are awaiting blood work results.

new cat in...16 yr old, cruelty seizure for medical neglect...I haven't met him yet, just got home from work, the mp building is settled and sleeping and I am not about to change that. I will meet him in the morning.

2 newbies coming in from up north as soon as it is warm enough to transfer by is a little old persnickety skin dog (ie she's a wee bit cranky) and the other is a 16 yr old very shy cat who's elderly owner went into care.

and finally..we are looking for a couple of strong guys with a truck to make life better for our mp guys. that old huge TV has bitten the dust, it is FAR TOO BIG to move for any of us so we need it taken away to the electronics recycling place and then we can bring down the tv from the hideaway suite so the dogs (groan) can once again watch the sound of music every freaking gawd dam tammy day.
anyone know anyone?????

our ears are no longer alive with the sound of music and our dogs would like to hear it some more.



Well I guess if the TV isn't replaced I could always buy the soundtrack and bring it in.


Oh good grief - it's been SO nice without the Sound of Music filtering through the wall into the bunny room on Sundays!! Do we really have to replace the TV???


Best news of the day.
The MP guys (and myself) have really been missing The Sound of Music (with Grease thrown in occasionally).
I'm really looking forward to playing it for Oscar, I think it might calm him down.
Hoping Phebes is okay.


I have a small utility trailer and a dolly. If us girls could move it with that, I don't mind taking the tv to the recyclers for you