Rescue Journal

her sweet mom emmy gave birth to this babe at my home many years ago..i remember the day chicklets family came to pick her up, they were all so happy to be giving this little pup a wonderful lifelong home

Carol  ·  Jan. 11, 2015

Dear Carol,

Just wanted to let you know about Mitzi....As you know our blind girl had some additional challenges over the last few years. She had become deaf, arthritic, kidney failure had also set in the last 6 months. But with a great vet, good meds, and a first rate seeing-eye person named me, she truly seemed comfortable.

Recently, however she stopped eating and drinking,(however...she would take a tiny bit of frozen chocolate yogurt...both of our weakness!) She became so weak and frail...over the weekend we came to terms. It was time to let her go. I can not tell you how I miss my kind-hearted gentle girl.


November 30,2000-January 5,2015

14+ years...
My constant companion...
My best friend....



rest in peace mitzi following a life overflowing with great love and care...hugs to Cynthia and her family for their heartbreaking loss.



I remember seeing her on open house. Such a sweet dog. So sorry for your loss.


If ever there was a being who's life was so worthwhile, it's the life of a dog. She came and did so well what she was meant to do. Bring her people the best kind of happiness. I'm glad you guys had each other. You didn't belong anywhere else Cyn. <3


So sorry for your is clearly evident from your words that Mitzi had what they all deserve. RIP good dog