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Carol  ·  Jan. 12, 2015

people for the ethical treatment of animals.

I am so confused by this organization and lately I find that I do not like their internet posts showing up on my newsfeed.

why? is a gut thing. in my mind, their name is becoming a lie. their words are in conflict with their actions and behaviors.

their websites say that eating, wearing dead animals is wrong. their websites say that animals are living, breathing sentinent beings who have a right to life not exploited by humans.

so why is this organization accused of taking dogs and cats from shelters, even puppies and kittens...of luring them off of their family porches and killing them? why are there photos of dead shelter animals dumped in dumpsters as the peta folks leave town having come and done their job of "rescuing" them?

a post on the internet said when 2 of their employees were caught on security cameras removing a family dog from her porch. at first they denied it, but once they knew their staff and van had been caught on camera..their lawyer phoned the family and said their dog was already dead...and PETA sent a fruit basket to the family to send their regrets? this cannot possibly be true...can it?

people for the ethical treatment of animals...there is that word again..ethics...what does it mean?

unfortunately, it can and does mean many things to many people.

here is my take on the ethics surrounding animals and humans...ask the animals...what do I think they would say?

its a no brainer...

if they could speak they would say what every single living human would say...don't eat us...don't wear us...don't hurt us or make us suffer every day...and don't kill us just because YOU think we are better off that way.



PETA is an abolishionist organization. Euthanization and extinction is their core value and mandate. They want all companion and domestic animals to die out, and for humans to have no contact with any wild sentient beings.

They don't advertise this explicitly because they know most people would be repulsed by it, including their donors and celebrities who support them publicly. Their welfare and advocacy work is admirable, but it is just a means to an end.


There is a lot of mis-information on the internet. PETA is a very controversial topic these days and they have often used illegal tactics to get their intended results. This may or may not be a bad thing depending on which side of the fence you are on. All I say is to have an open mind and people should not judge until they have fully investigated and have all the information. Check the source of the information too. I don't know enough about them so really I don't have an opinion one way or the other.


PETA/s very own publically released stats for 2013 were 89.2% of the companion animals that they took in last year were euthanized.
the very first undeniable right of every living beings life is the right to life.
PETA is no longer about animals rights...they have become about what PETA believes is right.
more misguided liars pretending to be misunderstood prophets with a very big budget from money donated by animal lovers.
too sad.


PETA should not continue to work with companion animals. It is a conflict of interest for them. They do good work and raise a lot of awareness for animal rights. Part of their belief system is that companion animals are being exploited by humans in the same way as using them for food, lab testing, entertainment etc. They do huge numbers in spay/neuter and have compassionate programs such as supplying dog houses for outdoor dogs. PETA is Animal Rights, so their mandate is different than those of us in Animal Welfare. PETA was able to explain why they were in the neighborhood of that chi x they scooped off the porch. The chi x owner himself had called PETA repeatedly about a bad stray dog problem in the area...they did not however explain why the dog was killed. Was the dog impounded in an animal control facility? Was the dog held legally by AC until the hold period was over? Did PETA volunteers or staff kill the dog?... I'm not satisfied with their response or lack thereof so far...


I can't understand how they can continue to garner donations and support when so many horrow stories have been exposed...nor do I understand how people can rescue animals only to kill's insanity


Like a Fruit Basket Will Make Everything Better.... AND Bring The Dog Back. That Is Crap (To Be Polite)


your gut is right is correct as always. I cannot speak to PETA in Canada, but they are pure evil here in the USA