Rescue Journal

ahhh great thou are not.

Carol  ·  Jan. 18, 2015

no one really has fun in is mind boggling, soul bending, back breaking hard work.

but it is important.

animals need champions to step up to the plate, or else their lives will just stay crappy and hard.

sometimes stepping up is not quite enough...very occasionally the dog expects a home run.


I do not regret a single animal we tried to help here...not even the epic failures that ripped open our hearts. I do regret my not being smarter, not being richer, not having that gawd darn elusive crystal ball. I regret not being better but I do not regret the animals flawed as they are. and I do not regert the very occasional furry soul who instinctively KNOWS they are better than me.

I am quite liking kyah...she is a pretty interesting dog. firstly she is not falling for any of my tricks or letting me bask in illusions, she is the one calling all of the shots.

I have let her out into the kitchen and now she is refusing to return to the hall. she has parked herself on the cold floor in front of the kitchen door. I gave her a matt and a blanket but she and I both know where this is heading...she is going to be a bedroom dog.

she doesn't even like me yet but she does already know that the best life she is going to get here will be the one that is in the closet vicinity to me. she will get what she wants and tomorrow I will introduce her to the freakoids...the spoiled rotten bed buddies.

24 hours with kyah and I am convinced of one thing...she is a powerful spirit, she is a force of nature, she determines what will and will not happen. and right now that means she will not take any meds, she will become a bed buddy and I am only the necessary key.

I am hoping that if I give her what she wants that eventually she feels just a tiny bit grateful to me...and maybe then she will take the meds that might make her feel better out of gratitude, obligation or even sympathy for me.

or maybe she won't.

but one thing for sure is, she is not falling for any of my rescue trickery. if and when she takes the meds, it will be because she decides she is going to...not me.

so much for $20 worth of meatballs and lasagna that I bought for her today.

I really hate it when the dogs are way more stubborn and determined than is actually quite a feat.

my name is Kyah and i AM the boss of me.




Thanks for being Kyah's champion. Maybe one of the volunteers will cook liver at home and bring in for you? ;)


many, many molly's...but the one we are referring to was the first...she lived to 21...and her heart was strong as a rock!


funny, when i read this i thought, what are they talking about?
molly is so quiet and mild mannered, they can't be talking about
her. Well, I guess they aren't. there have been other Mollys.
Ones with more personality,( but better hearts)


Is this dry eye ..gone bad ? I seem to remember seeing this picture , perhaps when she first came to Cam ... so I am wondering if her eye is any better and if there is actually an eye ( that works ) in there. I hope she is not in any type of pain...I like the sound of her, she has the warrior spirit living within her .


Yes I also immediately thought of Molly when I saw the picture.
However after looking a second time I thought, yes it looks like Molly, but Zombie Molly. The more I stare at the picture the more the eyes are creeping me out.


its ok, a bit stiff and sore but not as bad as I thought it might be..luckily....bastards.


Hopefully she comes around. She is lucky to have come to you Carol.