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three sad cats...

Carol  ·  Jan. 19, 2015

doughy is a sweet but shy16 yr old flown down from up north...her owner went into care and no one in the family could or would take her. she ended up surrendered to Thornhill animal control who did not have line ups of people eager to adopt 16 yr old cats s.... doughy came south.

not that she is likely to find a home from here either, most of our cats live and die here.

she has every right to be sad.

cleo is a sweet but very shy 12 yr old cat taken in to the vet for euthanization for continually pooping outside her box. she hadn't had a good medical work up so we did bloodwork and xrays...she is hyperthyroid and now on meds and last night she did have a poop in her litter box. cleo also has every right to be sad, even tho she is only 12, the chances of her ever finding a new home are pretty damn bad.

duke is only about 8-10 yrs old...he was adopted out by another rescue years ago...he became diabetic and started spraying in the house. the rescue deemed him unadoptable and said they would have to euthanize if he came back so they asked us to take him instead. duke is pretty brokenhearted and really upset. the family wanted to continue to visit him but honestly that would just keep breaking his heart over and over again...what would be the point in that?

and duke has every single possible reason to be really sad..diabetics are hard enough to rehome, even young seniors are almost impossible to re-home and spraying cats are utterly impossible to re-home..he will spend the rest of his life here....which could be another 8-10 yrs.

doughy, cleo and duke are all brand new..they all are upset, they all are frightened, they all are very sad. and not one of them knows why their families have suddenly disappeared...all they know is they are in a strange place surrounded by strange people and stuck in an inescapable cage.

I can't tell them that they will eventually make the adjustment and that while this will most likely be their home for the rest of their lives..they will eventually feel some measure of kindness and comfort here. but never again will they be set adrift, alone and afraid...we will be here for them from this day until their last, no matter what.....that is the promise that we make to each of them on this, the saddest of all of their days.

poor babes.


lynne arnason

so sad for them, hope they settle soon must be very strange for them, not knowing where they r or why. soon they will know they r in a good place.

Carol A.

I hope the three sum settles in quickly. You just want to snuggle the little ones tight and give them little head buts to welcome them home. They are very lucky little cats to be safe with you.
... Sprayers or not you do feel sorry for them.


That was a very heartbreaking post.
I would love to take the cats and give them a home. However that would really drive in the crazy cat lady label.
When I stand outside and feed a couple of local cats I already feel crazy cat lady developing.