Rescue Journal

tonights not all that interesting news.

Carol  ·  Jan. 20, 2015

I got home with teak at 9pm...gone just barely 3 hours..came home to a houseful of stoners.

the back cats broke into the catnip again.

Robbie is still not over the fact that I went out in the evening...totally messed up his little flat head...every time I walk thru the kitchen he throws himself at me to say welcome home again...and again.

shep had diarrhea while I was gone...looks like everyone walked thru it many times.

I thought about joining the cats in their cat nip trip..might have made the diarrhea scenario funny but I am too old for both kinds of that shit so I just gaggingly cleaned it up to quickly be done with it.

teak is obviously pissed by her experience today...she has been snarking at everyone since she got home.

I am trying to get thru my laundry, but it is getting late and I accidently had the last saints load on low in the dryer, it was taking hours to dry. i thought the machine was buggered before I realized my mistake....duh..note to myself..look to where you are turning the timer, don't just blindly wing it and leave.

so the good news is......teak is home safe, even if she is being a hag...the back cats are all pretty damn happy even if they did make a huge mess, and Robbie is excited to see me every couple of minutes..the bad news is...I still have two loads of my laundry to dry and my room while cleaned up still doesn't smell all that nice.