Rescue Journal

I hate that shop.

Carol  ·  Jan. 21, 2015

it was a brutally hard day in the shop...thank god for Nicole, Helga, lynne and tammy...we got about a third of the bin loaded.... still a whole crap load of junk to sort thru and let go. nicole, tammy and I were all walking like old, crippled folks by the end of the day..hard, heavy work. you have no idea how much crap is stored in that is truly (and unhappily) amazing.

I will be so glad to see it all go.

sarge went in for his admission vet check/blood work and viral testing. no other vet visits today.

cleopatra is still not eating, duke and doughy while still upset are doing ok. duke has moved to the front of his cage where I can easily reach in and pet him...doughy still looks really shell shocked but is hanging in. cleo is the one I am really worrying about, I think the other two will be ok.\

kyah is letting me pet her now and wags her tail when I come in. she took all of her meds today so that is really good!

sigh...another day...another dollar not and more of the same that shop sucks.



Glad to see that kyah is settling. Poor Doughie, so hard for the old cats that have spent their lives in one quiet home.


Hey Carol,
I am nightshift tonight, and just saw on the blog you could use a hand this week. I'm going on days off tomorrow and can come help out.
I should be up around 12-1:00 (email me) :)