Rescue Journal

we are giving away a bunch of stuff out of the shop so if saints folks need collars, leashes, ramps, a doggy treadmill, large quilts, pet coats/sweaters...let me know and I can set aside some nice stuff for your furry guys.

Carol  ·  Jan. 22, 2015



sorry none of the big dog beds are available...we need the spares due to incontinence so we can replace as needed.

also thx everyone..i have finished the sorting and the only thing we still have in excess are cat litter scoops and dog walking poop bags...everything else has found a home.


If you have two collars and leashes for mini schnauzer sized dogs, that would be great too. Thanks!


I would love to take a big dog bed off your hands if you have any left? I'm there Sunday. Thanks!


Hi Carol, would you still have three collars and three leashes for: a husky the size of Mika, a 17 pound dog and a 6 pound dog? I'll be there Sunday if you have something I can look at.


If Jamie doesn't want or can't use the double stroller, could you please save it for SARS?
We just started a new program - rabbits visiting children's it would be perfect to use for that. Our coordinator was looking for one for awhile now.


If there are any coats that would fit my guys, id like to take a peak so please don't chuck any good ones until I'm out Sunday!


ok...I might not be back yet but pick which ramp you want, there are a couple of different kinds...ramps and buggy are in the center pen area..the ramps are behind the treadmill which finally found a home too!


Thank you Carol we will be up at 9:00 to look at the ramps and dog buggy


that would be great kim...I will be out there from about 10-5 again so whenever is good.


it is what they are for Jamie..but honestly most dogs hate are free to try one tho if you want. and do you want that double stroller one here is using it..none of the dogs out in foster are currently crippled and I am pretty damn tired of tripping over it. max is fine with his single sized stroller.


Carol would the ramps be good size for getting in and out of a car?


I am sure we do carol ann..I will pull out a couple of possibles and Dionne can pick which would work best.


Did Salem call dibs on anything while he was there getting in ur way?? I can help Sunday after barn bedtime?? Or is that too late? See u sunday


If you have any old towels or flannel sheets that you are throwing out please save them for me. They can be holey and junky. I have a friend who can use them at his shop for rags.


Carol, do you have any stairs/steps? Otis is having trouble with bed. Thanks I will be there Saturday

Carol Ann

I need a coat for a med size goat. She has a skin problem and not much hair. I wonder if you have anything we could use for her. Thanks