Rescue Journal

the search for gold

Carol  ·  Jan. 24, 2015

i really can't be physically, emotionally, intellectually, or morally lazy in rescue...I think if I am lazy in any of these things...rescue would be better off without me.

but it is not that I zip around here like a super bumble bee, or spend my days with tears running, or have the answer to every great or small problem, or instinctively know the exact right way to go either.

I am a plodder...built for the long haul...the day has 24 hours for me to work, to feel, to ponder, to think and eventually I get around to all critical things.

in the shop yesterday we were speaking about the many bad dog walkers, bad dog daycares, bad breeders, bad rescues out there. and its true...those of us that work hard...think critically...have moral standards.. and use our emotions to meet others needs without letting them cause even more problems...I bet we are outnumbered because here is the thing...

animals are the last frontier of disenfranchised dreams. they are the new gold rush...some for actual money..some for power and/or respect...some for halo's and wings.

but here is the reality...

there is no striking it rich in rescue for any of those things.

it will be a constant struggle to make ends meet.

personal power and self respect does not come from rescue, it comes from being an honest, honorable, committed and compassionate human being.

and halo's and wings do not grow on real human beings...maybe they grow after we are dead but I have never seen them on anyone still breathing.

and this is important for folks to understand...

living a honest, honorable, committed and compassionate life is not dependent on is dependent on being willing to do it the best that we can.

leaving dogs to die in the back of a truck while shopping...really was not much of a committed effort.

flipping rescued animals in and out between rushing with the cheques to the bank is something pretty much any moron could do.

turning a blind eye and allowing animals to suffer just takes the ability to refuse to look at the truth.

making mistakes and refusing to learn from them...just makes us plain stupid.

none of these things are even close to doing the best that we can do..but all of them stem from an innate laziness to get something without having to do the actual physical, emotional, intellectual, or moral work.

there are gold diggers involved with animals and there are those with whom the animals strike gold ...which one will we be?

it's not luck, it's not is a choice.