Rescue Journal

do you know what is scary about rescue?

Carol  ·  Jan. 27, 2015

we are. every freaking one of us.

we all think we have it all figured out..what's right, what's wrong..what's somewhere in between and can be right or wrong depending on which fence we are resting our laurels on..on any given day.

we are so sure of what we believe..but what if we are wrong in what we think?

it worries me...this passion, this dedication I have to a path that I can feel in every cell of my being. ISIS is as passionate, anti-abortionists, pro-choice, PETA, Monosato, the dolphin hunters, the dolphin saviors, born again Christians, fundamental muslims, the Taliban, the North Koreans, Israel, Palastine, the right wingers, the left wingers, the no gun control advocates, the anti-gun lobbyists, the dairy, veal, chicken and pig farmers, the vegans, the vegetarians, Green Peace, David Suzuki, the pro-oil sands, the nay oil sands...everyone on every side...absolutely believes they are right. Hiltler thought he had all of the right answers, so did Gandhi and Martin Luther King..the South thought they had the right of it all and the North said no they didn't.

sometimes we are so passionately strong in what we believe ...but what if we are mistaken..what if our reasoning is flawed?

what if we are all wrong about everything? now there's a scary thought.


lynne arnason

and that superbowl commercial, r they really that stupid as to promote that. hell even if you dont like animals that commercial is a nono.

lynne arnason

i think you ;go with what is right in your heart and your gut what more can you do there will be some things done right and some done not so right but in the end is is really the loving and the doing and the caring. what more can you do your right might not be someone elses right but in the end you have only yourself and your animals to answer to and i along with a score of other people think u r dong a mighty fine job


Reminds me of a t-shirt I saw. "Jesus is coming and man is he pissed."
Could apply to all.
Ignorance is still so rampant. I was just reading all the outcry about Godaddy's superbowl commercial basically promoting buying a puppy online. Thankfully it is being pulled. Common sense seems to be lacking in so many people.