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quick news

Carol  ·  Jan. 31, 2015

Elliehere is a photo of ellie-mae for no other reason than just because I love her! you have to click on the photo to see her happy smile.

its been a long but decent day. dixi's potential family are here..they are spending the night with her up in the suite..we will see how that goes. gilligan's potential family came this afternoon..we spent a couple of hours together. Gilligan was super good around the kids, and seemed really comfortable with this family...I sent them away to think about him..and we will see how that goes too. I have a few more things to do and then am looking to a good long soak in a really hot bath....I bought "The Book of Negroes" to read in the tub and am looking forwarded to starting it soon. squirt got a really good clean up grooming from ann and Diana today..he was a bit upset but this was way better for him then having to be sedated and sent to the scary vets. barn bedtime went very smoothly tonight..everyone was really cooperative and stayed with the drill which I really appreciated simply because I am bagged. huge thx to all of the volunteers for a great job today!



Also watching the series, it's really good. I wondered about Dixi as I thought you meant the horse Dixie. When you said "spending the night in the suite with Dixi" made me go WHAAAATT? Lol


Part of the mini series was filmed 100 kms from here. Love the series.


I am so hopeful for Dixi and Gill, as much as I will miss them if they go. They are both such great dogs, they deserve to have their very own homes. I hope I hope!


Love her so much that you'll write me a blurb for the fb page!!?!


I've been watching the mini-series Book of Negroes on T.V. for the last three weeks. It's really good. Haven't read the book, but it should be great.