Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Feb. 1, 2015

dixi has gone with her new family to live in Kamloops...yay dixi!!!

ben (the old orange cat with the very great face!) has moved into permanent foster care with our grooming volunteer anne...yay ben!!

Dixie the horse's wound is now fully healed.

doc is feeling much better but we are still watching him carefully.

Brenda gave diesel a brand new pool to kill and he has been a total dork with it.

huge thx to everyone for covering for me here while I babysat my grandson this morning.

huge thx to the sunday evening crew for getting everything done before I got my ass in gear.

there is a giant pile of laundry and the dryer is not working properly..if it wasn't already ailing..i might be tempted to hurt it some more.

grhhh....freaking worn out thing..your timing of over worked demise so totally sucks big time!



Janice, thanks for posting the link to the commercial; and Cathy, I had seen the commercial all over Facebook as well - just wanted to see it on the big screen TV while watching Super Bowl, that's all.


Budweiser puppy/Clydesdale commercial :)


Its easy enough to see the Super Bowl commercials. Just google it and yes the Budweiser commercial is great.

laura b

love adoption news! yea Anne...Ben's eyes drew you in. yea Dixi....will miss her happy food dance.


Yea Ben & happy for them. Brenda they blocked the commercials..until next year..then we can see them.


Oh no, not the dryer. I thought it took forever to dry things today. I hope you have a backup. Glad Diesel likes his new pool. I met the folks who took Dixie home today - very nice people. They brought Dixie into the house to say goodbye to everybody before they left. - Nice...
PS. - disappointed re Super Bowl outcome; also never did see the Budweiser commercial featuring the retriever puppy and Clydesdales.....basically why I watched..!!