Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Feb. 2, 2015

thank you to erin, Shelagh and whoever else helped switch out the dryers and catch up on the laundry!!!

I had the vets go out to see katy today at her boarding stable..the staff said she wasn't doing well. she has a really bad eye ulcer and will need 2 different eye meds and oral pain meds for the next couple of weeks. hopefully once her eye feels better, her appetite will pick up too.

Gilligan goes out on his adoption trial tomorrow with his new great family after a vet visit to re-check his bladder and kidneys, yay Gilligan..fingers are crossed that all goes well.

it looks like dixi is settling well into her new home so that is also really good news.

ben has been yowling since he left here so his foster mom is going to get him into the vets and check him out...hopefully, it is not anything serious...maybe some cat separation anxiety? I am not even sure what that would look like but I bet it involves yowling.

no other news that I am aware of..or can remember. time for bed buddies and a good book.



As much as I love Gilligan ( who in my head I still call Hudson :-) ) I am so happy he has a chance at a family of his own . Fingers crossed it all works out.
It was nice on Sunday when I went and sat in the computer room for a few minutes & got to make better friends with Tia...she is such a zoomie girl when she is out at the barn ..I am lucky to be able to get a quick scratch behind the ear & then Zooooom...she is off again.
I have started a new ritual with Boomer ( who is the absolute coolest dog ) ...after ginger is out of her stall & I have done " some " work ..I take a break in Gingers stall...which includes me laying in the hay with Boom Boom. It's Levi is fine with me hangin with Boomer...but if Gilligan decides he wants in on the cuddles..Levi has a nasty little dog fit .

I can hardly wait for the decent weather to start, barn work is so much better in the sunshine .


I cannot take credit for moving dryers yesterday. that was
Kevin, Ashley and Erin. there definitely was a mound of
laundry to wade thru
good luck Gilligan


Oh, I so hope it works out for Gilly - he is a sweet boy, and deserves his own forever home. So glad you have a working dryer again too Carol.