Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Feb. 8, 2015

that little bugger kyah is spitting out her meds again...she is really itchy this morning!

why oh why is she so difficult???

it is official...tia will be moving to her new home next weekend....yay tia!!!

Cleopatra and duke are not doing well with their out of the cages transitions...they are both going into hiding when they are out.

sarge is also not doing well with his out of the pen transition...I let him out last evening for a bit while I settled the mp room when suddenly I heard a huge commotion in the medical room. sarge had fairlane cornered on the floor of the rabbit room! this was so not good so I put that bugger back in his pen.

looks like there is an "ancient, cranky, bitey JRT" heading our way...not sure when she is arriving but one of these days.

for the first time in a long time our dog numbers have dipped down into the 20's...ok so we are at 29 which barely counts but gawd, space wise does it ever feel good!! the only still over crowded area right now is my bedroom...and the kitchen is a bit tight. all those little dogs...

10 years ago I only had one little dog..there just were not all that many losing their homes and the one I had was a nice dog...not the least messed up we always have more little dogs than big dogs...go figure.

too many of the wrong people breeding and buying small dogs who should find something else to do where they can't hurt gardening!



if only they would garden, or take up woodworking, or hiking, or.....


Maybe we can put Sarge back in with the other cats and put Cleo in medical room.