Rescue Journal

words of wisdom for mika.

Carol  ·  Feb. 8, 2015

grhh..mika is a hag.

I was trying to get out of here to attend my grandson's birthday party and was having a hard time accomplishing my goal. I finally came flying in the house, already late but needed to change and I walked into a computer room literally splattered everywhere with blood.

mika had nicked buddy right on the very bottom edge of his hurt, it bled A LOT and he kept shaking his head making the place look like a blood bath.

I cleaned it, put pressure on it, told mika she was a total bitch and she was NOT to use her teeth on my dogs and then she watched closely while I kissed poor buddy all over his sweet gentle face.

many dogs are not very bright...mika is not many dogs. she knows damn well she made someone I love to bleed and had the good grace to regret pissing me off. she is walking softly around both me and buddy tonight..if she does it again, she is not going to like my solution to this problem.

I have places here mika where no other animals (or people) live and while you can continue to lay on a nice and large leather couch out there... I really do not think you would enjoy very much being a lonely shop dog.


smarten up.



Cole...miss him. Best dog..great friend..head of fun police :-)....Roxie is his back-up.


he irritates mika because he is such a happy spaz..cole was like that too...could not stand goofy happy dogs. she won't ever really hurt him..its not in her but she does like to pee on his parade and wreck his happy mood.


Poor Buddy; Mika has made me nervous with how she looks at Buddy from time to time - and I try to nip it in the bud by telling her to "not even think about it"' and then she seems to settle down, but when no one!s around?? Buddy is such a sweetheart and never pisses anyone off, and he puts up with so much between Tia grabbing his tail, and Mika giving him the "look". Anyway, glad Buddy is ok. and hope you made it to Griffin's birthday party after all.