Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Feb. 11, 2015

my newest granddaughter, Kate Elizabeth was born last evening. I stayed with my 2 yr old grandson Ethan last night while mom and dad were busy at the hospital.

it was a bit of an adventure.

bedtime last pm.

"its bedtime sweetie..." his face starts to crumble and the tears start to well..."why?"

oh no...not the broken heart why?

" about one more show, then we go to bed, is that fair?"

he chokes back the tears and says tremulously.."ok that fair to me."

sweet boy.

0530 this morning...

"i awake grandma!"

"ok, lets go have breakfast."

"I has an idea!" as he pulls a jar out of the fridge...

"beans!" (pickled)

hmmm..pretty sure this is a bad idea.

" no pickled beans for breakfast"


"because mommy would be mad."


"because pickled beans are not on the breakfast instruction list."


"i don't know sweetheart, they just are not."

he settled for peanut butter toast and a broken heart this morning....such a good boy!!!


Debra in Malaysia

Congrats to you and all the family.
Love little kids and all the "whys".


Awe, how cute, and congrats to you and your family. Welcome Kate Elizabeth.


Congratulations to everyone....such happy news, glad you had some special time with Ethan.


CONGRATULATIONS on your new grand-daughter, Carol!! So exciting. I can relate to the adorable conversation between you and your 2 year old grandson - I have one as well (a 2 year old grandson!) and they are SO much fun.


I would click a "like" button for this post. Such a sweet picture in my mind of you and your grandson, Carol

Btw, I miss you and my saints friends. Hope to be back when my basketball playoffs are over. Can you give Oscar an extra performance me?