Rescue Journal

need extra help on Saturday for katy

Carol  ·  Feb. 13, 2015

katy arrived this morning...she really is very unwell. we need to get her pen area done asap and get her settled so she can adjust with the least amount of disruption and hopefully recover. because it was such a last minute thing to get her moved, we were not ready for her so it is a bit of a gong show trying to catch up. ali and wes have committed to said she can pitch in after the barn work is done..many hands will make this whole thing go quicker and smoother but we are still short of the many and just have a few.

for sure we need more help on Saturday and if we do not get finished, sunday too (but I am hoping to be done on Saturday so katy can be in her new day time digs by sunday morning..i think she will do a lot better if she can be closer to the other horses asap.)

is anyone available and/or have family or friends they can beg to come help us as well?



thx so much emma but we might be finished by then if all goes well. tell your dad tho that I said thx so very much!!!


i can't make it out tomorrow, but my dad says he might be able to come out to help at around 3. would that help? he's pretty good with building fences and pens and things, he did that all for our chickens!


I can help. Any special time?I was thinking about coming out around 10:00 a.m.


I can come after work on Sat (at 5ish) and Sun morning if that'll help