Rescue Journal

new bitey JRT

Carol  ·  Feb. 13, 2015

is here...I think she has a lot of fox terrier in her, pretty damn cute. 15 minutes here and we are already friends...funny how garlic sausage opens ones mind to the possibilities of new friendships.

but now that we are buddies...she is not to be left...barking her head off for me to come back. hmmm.... someone wants to be a bed buddy..but she will have a to wait a bit til I know her better.

will she bug the frail guys?...not so sure about that.

can I stand listening to her yelling to come back here all night? not so sure about that either.

her name is selena and she can jump straight up with 4 feet VERY high for any kind of yummy treat.

I like her already.

tia went off to her new home..pretty damn happy family, so nice to see.


yay tia!

new incoming (hmm..the shelters might be noticing how many have gone out?)

an 8 yr old shitz that needs surgery for bladder stones....apparently he is a very nice dog.

checking on katy every hour or so...figures it is raining out and she is in a barn without cameras. but hey..i have a very good flashlight and a good pair of muck boots too.

oh shit...selena knows how to mournfully howl...arghh, she might be on my bed before tomorrow.



what a feel good miracle for Tia... going from where she was to where she is now


well she was (briefly) in the mp she is in the laundry room...she is getting closer, just a few more steps to the bed.