Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Feb. 17, 2015

Colby had his vet check and is booked for his bladder stone removal next week.

Oscar the grouch had his dental and shave down today. one tooth extracted, he looks very sorry for himself tonight.

big thanks to wes for rebuilding and improving our looks very sturdy and great.

katy had her ultrasound today and she has a large grapefruit sized mass in her abdomen. we are arranging for her passing. I went out to see her tonight and to tell her I was so sorry that the last few months of her life were so fraught with changes. I told her she was a very good horse and we would do everything in our power to ensure her final journey is in comfort and peace. she rested her head on my shoulder...I know she didn't understand me but I think she felt the deep caring and concern I have for her. such a lovely old girl.



Katy understands completely what you are thinking, feeling and doing for her.Horses are wise, old souls.


i am so very sorry about Katie.
I would also like to say thank you for the wonderful photo of Ziggy.

lynne arnason

im so sorry that katy wont be around. i have not met her but i imagine she is a lovely girl. at least she will be with you these last couple of days. im so sorry

Mary Kaminski

Oh no, how sad. And right after she arrived in her safe place, too. At least her last days will be full of love, comfort and food.


Katy is such a lovely girl. I'm so sad she won't be able to spend more time with us but I'm thankful you gave her The opportunity to feel loved and have proper care until the end.