Rescue Journal

katy passed away peacefully.

Carol  ·  Feb. 19, 2015

tina from NFTRA had sent a wind chime out for her and I have hung it for her in the garden. she was such a lovely old horse, I hope she is running with the wind, young and pain free now.

our vets are going to do a full autopsy just to make sure we made the right call.

rest in peace katy, sweet lady, it was a very long life and you lived it with kindness and grace.




I didn't know Katy - saw her for the first time on Sunday - but we've all been following her story on the blog. Very sad - she sounded like a lovely soul. RIP sweet girl.

lynne arnason

im so sorry may u rest in peace katy and yes, run free with no ;pain

Lenore Henry

Beautiful picture of two beautiful souls - so sorry for your loss Carol and everyone who looked after Katy in her final years.