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just a quickie

Carol  ·  Feb. 22, 2015

the 2 new little sheep, cinder and gus are settling in...people=food so we are really popular with them!

thank god for michelle because I had a pretty intense day at work..missed lunch, had to stay an hour home super late. but michelle had gotten the barn guys to bed so it worked out ok. thank you for saving the day michelle!!

I just want to give folks a heads up that there are some fix up/maintence stuff that we need to start getting to. I am trying to avoid the whole lets kill carol, the week before the open house (which by the way is booked for the weekend of June 20th and 21st.

I will start compiling a list of stuff we need to get to...if folks could keep their eyes open and look for areas that need some TLC..i would appreciate them being added to the list.

I will post the ongoing list in the entrance way so folks can add (or hopefully subtract) from it as we all work to get on top of things.



Ok... I LOVE the new sheep... Cinder & Gus are so sweet... however you have to be super careful when you open Floyd's door...those sheep know that there is food in there :-)... Yesterday putting Charlie away & keeping those 2 sheep out while I was doing it was very tricky . I hope the weather gets warm fast & we can get them shaved.. Cinder's covered in all these little burrs and it must be uncomfortable for her. Although at least they have real food & fresh water now.

Ha Ha.. I laughed when I read Lynne will start the 2 week of June too... ( sorry Lynne ) I thought Hmmm isn't the open house the 3 week of is that an early start... totally missed the Chandeliers comment .... :-)


Chandeliers Lynn?? -haven't seen any lately at Saints....But yes, I agree an early start on the cleaning is a great idea. The chandeliers are your job Lynn...make um sparkle!!
By the way, just need to say that I love Selena - she is a sweet girl.
Also, do we know yet what weekend the pub night fundraiser is being held, and where?

lynne arnason

yes lets get things going a bit earlier. walls can be washed chandeliers washed etc i will start the 2nd week of june.