Rescue Journal

saints welcomes 2 new old souls

Carol  ·  Feb. 27, 2015

two new old wrecked dogs in from SARC which has been trying to get them healthy and find them loving homes but it has been months now and no new homes were forthcoming.

it sucks to be a senior animal without a home...the old homes didn't want them and new homes don't either.

cammie is a youngish senior black multi-poo with really bad skin. she is super sweet with a perma-grin on her face.

nick is a really old and wrecked grey and white shaved (but was hairy) little thing whose legs are so bad he walks on his hocks. he is pretty damn cute and my kind of ancient but still interested in kickin' kind of old dog.

welcome to saints you guys and big thx to kim for the ride!

I did get the lime spread out but otherwise haven't been back at the yards. this morning was grandma day helping out my daughter with ethan and new little kate. way more fun than goofing around with rototillers!

maybe I will get back into the farmer-ville mind set this weekend...still have a lot of stuff to do.