Rescue Journal

ground hog day

Carol  ·  Mar. 5, 2015

rescuers need to learn to navigate around all kinds of pit falls....going over the edge from rescue to neglect or abuse...pissing off pissy kind of people....charging ahead with our head in the happy helium balloon cloud and totally unaware that we are blindly walking in circles. avoiding driving ourselves insane or killing ourselves because of the demands of endlessness of it all.

rescue requires three non negotiable things...

uncompromising insight

uncompromising responsibility

and uncompromising commitment

never lie to others, never lie to the animals and never lie to yourself.

considering what rescue requires, day after day, year after year...

rescuers absolutely have to be willing and able to accept living a life that will never be even close to what was long ago so innocently dreamed.

in the beginning, it is wonderful...

and then reality starts to kick in and that wonderful that we used to feel starts to feel pretty horrible as it defiles our personal needs. that's when we become angry, frustrated, tired and bone weary exhausted..that's when hopelessness and helplessness moves in.

but there is a light at the end of that long and dark tunnel...maybe not so bright of a light as the fairy tale light we saw in the beginning but light just the same.

this is the point that we finally get it...we are here to do what we can, when we can, the best that we can and we can accept this. we have done our double checks, we have survived our hairshirts as we did our post mortums we have looked over our shoulders, we have peeked around all kinds of really scary corners and we may not be perfect but we are fairly ok.

nothing got easier, there is still no end in sight..but we breathe, we take one step at a time to get thru the day, and we are ok with starting all over again with each brand new is what it is, we are ok with it and we are here to stay.



Carol, you're always so reality based....I love that...but still don't know how you do it day after day....I appreciate your honesty, and I'm always so humbled with what you deal with on a daily basis....Thank you


Thanks Suzanne, that's a nice thing to say. You're right, we are lucky to know and care for such amazing spirits, even if for just a little while.


I'm 3000 miles away so the only things I know about the animals at SAINTS are based on what I read here.
That having been said, I've always been pretty good at reading faces (marriage not so much) and sometimes their pictures and their faces reach out through cyberspace and for whatever reason touch me deeply, and they stay with me for quite a while.
Pops was one, Larry, Odie, and Bonnie Blue Eyes were others. Little Liam was one, and now Dixon. How lucky all of you are to have actually known them... that you were able to touch them, talk with them and care for them, all the while knowing that you were going to lose them. May the good Lord bless all of you for what you do.


Jen you have any good photos of Max the cavalier you can send me? Maybe 2 or 3...