Rescue Journal

-pumpkin update...and I am still working on getting sofie's pictures to upload...sorry...never mind, it won't let me!

Carol  ·  Mar. 6, 2015

Just wanted to update you all on Pumpkin. He is adjusting beautifully with our family! He is learning about all of us, and enjoying early morning playtime with his younger kitty brother…even teaching him a thing or two we have noticed. The only thing hes still not too sure of is the loud beagle who also resides with us, but there’s been no fighting. Just a few moments of loud noises coming from the three simultaneously. Pumpkin seems pretty happy and content and enjoys giving the humans regular head bonks! Looking forward to the day he feels confident enough to do that to his furry family members…but we will see in time…and besides, they kind of hurt! Hes very serious about his love bumps. We’ve started working on a really big outdoor enclosure for our cats. I’m sure Pumpkin and Archie will appreciate it when its all completed. Soon. Pumpkin has been an awesome addition in our family. We are sure loving him.



i found your pics of sofie ... they were there and available for download a while ago. poor girl looks like carrying around all that weight while having all those babies took a toll on her spine. hope she's ok. However, I'm sure she'll be a whole lot happier than she's probably ever been!


So happy to hear that. Pumpkin is a great young cat, glad he has found his forever home.