Rescue Journal

Sophie - thx for the picture Erin!

Ali  ·  Mar. 6, 2015




Personally I do not think she is a plain jane, the black head is very distinctive. Never have seen before.Beautiful is the word I would use!! Sofie ROCKS!!


apparently it can be a combo of stuff...genetics, multiple pregnancies, being ridden too young, too much, too hard with weights too heavy, aging, can be painful depending on severity...certainly uncomfortable as she ages due to arthritic changes and stress on the supporting muscles and tendons.


She is a very pretty girl.
Would her back be so bad from carrying so many babies?
Or could that happen from people sitting on her :-(
Sorry if they are dumb questions as I know nothing about horses.
I hope she will be pain free.


I know nothing about horses. Just wondering..does her back cause her discomfort or pain?