Rescue Journal

Nicole has been after me to write an update on ellie...

Carol  ·  Mar. 7, 2015

before there was esther the wonder pig, there was ellie-mae the pink princess pig.

ellie has grown (both physically and emotionally) from a mere princess into a queen.

like all of us, ellie is aging...she is 8 yrs old this year which is getting up there for an 800 pound farm pig. she has problems with arthritis in the joints of her legs...they were never designed to carry her weight thru a lifetime of living..they were designed only to get her to slaughter while she was still a wee babe. but we have her on pain and anti-inflammatory meds to keep her comfortably moving while she continues to enjoy living (which cost well over $100 a week.)

recently she developed a small ulcer on the pad of her back is causing her some distress and it is not easy for us to treat because ellie is not always accommodating in giving us access to that foot. but she does let kevin get at it at least a couple of times a day for treatment which is good. the ulcer is from pressure...800 pounds of pressure on a tiny delicate pig foot.

ellie rarely has temper tantrums any more, at least not like the ones she used to have in her youth. she has learned a bit of self control and long as we do not take overly long in preparing and bringing her food.

eliie lives her days here, doing whatever she wants...she sometimes likes to wander into the riding ring and sun herself on the warm and soft ground...sometimes she likes to make the big hike down to the pond. other days when she feels a bit aching and sore, she likes to hang out in her thick bed of hay and straw or lay outside the doors in the soft shavings shed.

she gets along with all of the other animals well as long as they do not bug her...apparently the other day chevy was being a bothersome dick head and so ellie got up and put that dumb cow-boy back in his place.

really tho, not much with ellie has changed..she is getting older...I am getting older and 8 years after arrival at saints, she is still my very best friend.


I love you ellie and I will always love you and yes I do have a few extra apples today for you again!



Miss Ellie-Mae is really " some pig "
She clearly communicates her wants and needs and loves trying new and interesting things to friends mom gave me some dried fruit that she didnt like....Miss Ellie thought it was wonderful.


Nice to get an update on Ellie - she is definitely a special pig.
Carol, don't forget to put your clock ahead tonight - you're gonna lose an hour of sleep so try to get settled with the bed buddies early if you can.