Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Mar. 8, 2015

it was a beautiful weekend..perfect weather, lots of great help around here. good thing too because I am sick. not dying sick just cold/ cough/sore throat/achy/tired sick so all I want to do is sleep.

so quick updates...

sofie has settled in very well.

and I can't think of any more updates.

volunteers..please feel free to post something interesting from the weekend for our readers!



Lol, too funny. I have yet to see her play with the ball, looking forward to that.


Yikes...suppose I am right and Joy sees this ball as her "baby"....
That means I have been kicking her "baby" around the property.....I think I will simply carry it carefully ...perhaps giving it a stroke or two...and gently lead her out of the ring....


laura b

ha ha ha thanks Mo that explains the question on my tour on Sunday.. why Joy wasn't hanging with Emily & Chevy eating hay in the corner but in the middle of the field standing guard over this ball gently pushing it with her head.....I just said she's waiting for more players to join the game.

Carol Ann

Oh Mo, you just proved once again how smart and sweet cows are. Thanks!


Ok... So it is sunday morning & we are moving the cows from the riding ring over to the Big field, Chevy & Emily slowly make there way out & Joy is left standing under the loafing cows are herd animals & if your herd moves you move with them....Joy just stood there, I walk over & attempt to get her moving ( Ha Ha ever tried to get a cow to move who doesn't want to ) after a couple failed attempts I see a basket ball on the ground in front of Joy ( a play thing for them ) I kick the ball out into the ring & Joy rushes out after it...and starts rolling it around with her head as though she is inspecting it for any injuries. I move towards her & kick the ball out of the riding ring & into the big field...once again joy rushes after it . Mission accomplished the cows are in the upper field . Joy once again checks out her basket ball & then stands guard. She stands with this ball fro about 20 minutes when I kick it out further into the field & once she goes . later in the day she is back with her ball & Chevy comes to check it out... I swear to God..she was protecting her baby ball . I think Spring is bringing out the maternal instincts in Joy. :-)

Ya gotta love volunteering at SAINTS... always new & interesting stuff going on.

And No Carol & Nicole...we do not need to fulfill Joys wish with another calf...really she is pretty darn happy as it is :- )


It was a beautiful day at my favorite place, and always nice to spend some time with some special guys....


Two nice images today:
Shawn sitting on the grass with a blanket in the sun having some "playtime" with Nick (the new little guy) - such a sweetheart with "bedroom eyes".
Jenn sitting on the grass with a blanket in the sun playing "ball" with Max (paraplegic Cavalier spaniel) . I had just bathed him and he was having fun drying in the sun. I think he would chase that ball all day!! Two special dogs having some quality time with volunteers. Made me smile....


Dixie met Sofie today too. Mo went to give her some more hay and found Dixie in Sofies pen grazing beside her peacefully. Guess now we know Dixie is going to be a good girl with her... Now Raven???? That may be a whole blog post. He's hell bent on making sure he does not stay low man on the totem pole.