Rescue Journal

rescue only works for grown ups...

Carol  ·  Mar. 12, 2015

children are too innocent and won't get the between the lines kind of things.

I woke up this morning to every single dog once again joining in the mournful howling chorus. some of the dogs are not very good at it and sound more like their leg is being ripped off, but whatever..they were moved to participate in their compatriots sound of music.

a child hearing their mournful cries would think, oh those poor dogs sound so broken hearted and sad. the adult laying an inch away from their heads on my pillow, their bodies spread all thru out the entire bed would think that it is way too early for k9 choir practice yet.

a child whose family is turned down for adoption of a great family dog who happens to love kids but is dog aggressive may not see why the rickety fence is an issue and just thinks the rescue is being mean. but an adult who can see around corners might actually understand the risks that a dog aggressive dog can actually mean.

a child thinks with their heart but an adult thinks with not only their hearts but also with their brains. an adult understands that not everything is as simple as want and need. an adult gets that what is visible on the surface is likely just as important in what is hidden underneath.

children see the world in black and white but adults can see the 50 shades of grey in between.

children know what they want, what they want to believe... but adults can think past all of that and try to see the real things.

the thing about rescue is that all of us are children to some is those simple and open hearts that allow us to keep hope afloat and keep trying. but we need that grown up part too that makes us act thoughtfully, carefully and responsibly.